Nordic Style Solid White Oak Bed

Whole white oak solid wood bed 1.8 m  / 1.5m.

  1. Dimension: 1.5m*2m. 1.8m*2m.
  2. Color: Natural White Oak
  3. Packing: KD-PACKING
  4. Package volume: 0.8CBM

North American White Oak (FAS STANDARD)

DW07 (1)


DW07 (2)

Functional Bedside aims to make your life easier, putting books, jewelry, decorations, etc.

DW07 (3)

Artfully and Elegant Streamline Design

DW07 (4)DW07 (6)

Tough deck
Deck based on the quality of Russian Pinus sylvestris, tough and flexible, bearing more than 400KG limit

DW07 (12)DW07 (13)DW07 (15)DW07 (17)


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